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  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/16/09 3:52 pm PST

    What did you put in? Read the can and tell us.

  • dderita 03/16/09 4:14 pm PST

    the recommed dextron merctron 4

  • karjunkie 03/16/09 4:45 pm PST

    Firstly, you have to check the tranny fluid when the tranny is hot, engine running on level ground and in "park" position. Did you check it like that? If not do so and see if the level is correct. Next, the correct ATF fluid for a Blazer is Dexron not Mercon and should be Dexron II or III for an older suv ( you failed to give your year so I can't help much more).

  • dderita 03/16/09 4:59 pm PST

    i know it is supposed to dexron not mecron but,it comes with both on the label.it is a 97 blazer.i checked it after about a hour of driving the truck on level ground .the dipstick reads right amount.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/16/09 5:05 pm PST

    You should be using DEXRON(R)-VI ATF according to latest specs from GM.

    Drain and refill should be 4.7 liters.


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