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  • patrick88 07/04/08 1:44 pm PST

    Did you make any adjustments while installing the filter? Is it in correctly?
    It sounds like either you have a vacuum leak (did you know any hoses loose?) , mechanical linkage problem or TPS issue.

  • chief93061 07/04/08 1:51 pm PST

    All I did was change the transmission fluid and filter, and installed the new ones. I made no adjustments at all. I also did not notice any kind of leaks etc.

  • 0patience 07/04/08 3:03 pm PST

    Did you use an OEM or aftermarket filter?
    There was a revised OEM filter, because of a problem with the cooler return filter.
    Did you replace the cooler return filter and the transmission filter?

  • chief93061 07/04/08 3:14 pm PST

    What is a cooler filter, never heard of it and I dont know if the filter I bought was an OEM or not. What is an OEM? and where is the cooler filter located?

  • 0patience 07/04/08 3:48 pm PST

    OEM is the manufacturer's part. GM, Ford, Chrysler, etc.
    Aftermarket is NAPA, Schucks. AutoZone, etc.

    The cooler return filter is a round filter next to the main filter, in the corner.
    It should be replaced along with the transmission filter.


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