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  • MrShift@Edmunds 11/03/09 12:01 pm PST

    the fuse box is located on the very right end of your instrument panel as you open the right door.

    You are looking at relay boxes under the hood, which also has some fuses.

    There are too many diagrams to copy and transmit to you (over 8 of them for all three fuse/relay boxes) Can you tell us what you are looking for or trying to accomplish? Maybe we can look something up for you.

    if you want all these diagrams as a permanent reference, you're going to have to track down an owner's manual on eBay or subscribe to ALL DATA DIY.

    You're going to need to buy yourself a repair manual, or go to the public library, which may have this information, or subscribe to ALL DATA DIY, which has all these diagrams.

    This is too much diagrammatic information to convey to you in this limited Q&A format unfortunately. There are about 8 gif files that would have to be scanned, and then either e-mailed to you or sent to a host site. They simply won't size properly in this little answer box. You'd never be able to read them.

    All Data DIY is a good deal. It's only $26.95 for the entire year and can help you fix many problems, so it'll pay for itself first time you use it.

    Best I could do is identify the location or # of one particular relay or fuse for you.

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