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  • karjunkie 06/12/09 2:34 pm PST

    What you need is instructions with pictures.

    Go to www.hmaservice.com, and register.

    Click Service Information
    Enter Sonata, 2005, 2.4 liter
    Click Shop tab
    Click Engine Mechanical System
    Click Timing System
    Click Timing Belt
    Click Removal...this has pictures and instructions. Make sure you rotate the engine to No. 1 cylinder to Top Dead Center. I recommend you buy a white sewing pencil (has a soft white lead) and mark the alignment marks on the crankshaft, and the cam shafts. These alighment marks are notches with faded white paint in them, and the sewing pencil will make them easier to read.

    Click Installation for the install.

  • tony78 06/12/09 5:27 pm PST

    I thought recommended belt changes for your car was to be done at 60,000 miles.

    It sounds like the belt disintegrated from wear at 100,000 miles.


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