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  • MrShift@Edmunds 04/27/11 1:22 pm PST

    Could be lots of things.

    First off, clean and tighten your battery cables and pay special attention to where your negative battery cable connects to ground (frame).

    Also check the engine-to-frame ground strap (small woven metal strap)

    Also check your fuse box for corrosion or loose wires (also behind the box).

    Then check your alternator charging rate and belt tension

    Then have your battery load-tested.

  • 90miata2 05/18/11 8:53 am PST

    I had the same problem with mine and after a lot of research I found that the problem was the ignition starter. Below is a link that shows how to remove and clean the starter. Once I did that everything worked fine and has continued to work. Good luck!



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