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  • alaskanj 02/27/10 3:54 pm PST

    You need to find out what is missing, check for spark and check for fuel pressure. Stop throwin parts at it. Get these bits of info and we can go from there..

  • gailbug68 02/27/10 8:07 pm PST

    I have checked there is no firing from the coil no fuel pressure because the auto shut down relay has tripped, the computer seems to be stopping all of this stuff to work. When this started there was no warning I had moved up the vehicle turned it off and now it will crank but wont start.

  • dabombbert2000 03/07/10 8:02 am PST

    Have u checked all of the fuel injectors....i had one injector go bad and my 93 xj did the same thing. the bad part is i took it to the shop and the just kept putting expensive parts on it and still it would not run. so i took it to the local jeep dealer the charged me 100.00 to tell me it was the injector and fixed it fo another 88 bucks or so.

  • alaskanj 03/07/10 1:20 pm PST

    Did you try changing out that ASD relay with a known working relay? What about the ignition coil did you check for power goin to the coil? If there is power to the coil but nothing coming out of the coil then Id be looking into replacing the coil. But try the switching the relay first.


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