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  • karjunkie 09/12/09 1:35 pm PST

    $1,300 to fix a headlight?????????? Come on! What you need is a reliable mechanic that won't rob you! I would go to Car Talk’s Mechanics Files site at


    Enter your zip code and you will get a list of mechanics in your area that other consumers have used and highly recommend. Look for ones that specialize either in the make of your car or the type of repair you need. Call 2-3 of them and ask for a ballpark figure on the repair. I have personally used this site with great success to find good honest mechanics and can highly recommend it. Good luck!

  • s15jimmy 09/21/09 2:45 pm PST

    Yes you can. Get a 9006 bulb retainer off of a standard headlight assembly (junk yard for cheap) and install on your headlight assembly. (I would replace the security torx screws with #10 stainless screws). Remove bumper cover to gain access to the ballest resistor. Unplug the ballast resister from the wiring harness and install a 9006 bulb. Install the bulb into headlight assebly. Sell remaining ballast and headlight assy. on ebay. If you need a security torx bit Harbor Freight sells them.

  • s15jimmy 10/01/09 7:03 am PST

    He is correct the list price from GM is over 600 each for the HID Bulb and Ballest. The bulb is not a standard bulb and the current replacement bulb will not plug into the original ballast. I just replaced both the ballast and bulb at a cost of $900 (Passengere Side) on my 2000 with OEM parts. The new ballast is the same ballast that is used on cadilacs and has standard connectors for the harness and bulb. I purchased a ballast off of ebay and two D1s Bulb holders. I plan on mating the bulb holders to the headlight housing and connecting to the ballast. Once this mod. is complete, if a bulb goes out I can replace with a standard D1S bulb at a much lower cost and still have factory HID headllights. The HID bulb for the Envoy does not have a connector at the bulb and has the mounting flange mounted to the ingitor housing. This bulb is not availible from anyone except GM. The actual glass part of the bulb is a D1S bulb. My modification will meet the exact same specs. as the original bulb. The replacement ballast from GM includes the mounting plate and a 9006 bulb pig tail to mate up with the wiring harness of the car. The ballast I purchased off of ebay has the mounting plate. ballast to bulb harness and the pig tail for the car. All I need to do is add a 9006 bulb connector to the harness. I paid $50 for the ballast vice the $400 I paid for the passenger side.

  • rdyehl 10/03/09 2:55 pm PST

    I have a 1999 GMC Envoy with HID low beam headlights. One of the headlights went out and I was quoted the following “replace the Igniter which costs $657.00 per side and also the Ballast which costs $616.00 per side. Or you could do the Headlamp Assembly which is around $1,000 per side.” I thought there had to be a more cost effective way to replace the headlight. Both $1,273 and $1,000 was too much for one low beam replacement. Especially when replacing two headlights cost more than the entire trade in value of the vehicle
    Using the limited information on the internet I was able to convert the HID headlights to standard 9006 bulbs.
    - I unplugged the wiring harness from the ballast that is mounted within/behind the bumper. I was able to unplug the harness without removing the ballast.
    - I tested the harness to ensure with a voltage tester to ensure the harness connector was 12.8v +/-.
    - The harness connects directly to a 9006 headlight. I bought one for $10 to ensure the appropriate fit and operation.
    - The original headlight assemblies (GM 16525606 / GM 16525605) do not allow for a direct connection with a 9006 bulb.
    - After talking to AutoZone and Advance Auto I got a quote for new headlight assemblies (GM2503174 and GM2502174) that would fit at $273 each. Though the bulb would connect to the new assembly - again, too much money. They advised they did not know of an “adaptor” that could mount to the existing assembly and accept the 9006 bulb.
    - Through Amazon.com I found Vehicle Interior Parts. They have a storefront on Amazon. I ordered the following from them –
    o 1998-2001 GMC S-15 Jimmy Left Side Front Only Headlamp HeadLight W/O FOG LAMP,LEFT HAND replaces OEM 16526227 Hollander 114-535L Partslink GM2502174
    o 1998-2001 GMC S-15 Jimmy Right Side Front Only Headlamp HeadLight W/O FOG LAMP,RIGHT HAND replaces OEM 16526228 Hollander 114-535R Partslink GM2503174
    o Total cost including shipping for both New assemblies was $84.00 - they arrived few days later via UPS packaged well and in new condition.
    o Each assembly included the high and low bulbs already.
    - I was unable to remove the existing ballast from behind the bumper. I was uncomfortable removing the body/bumper panels to gain access to remove the bumper itself. Therefore I zip tied the existing HID behind/next to the assembly location.
    - I removed the existing assemblies, installed the bulbs and connectors into the new assemblies and then installed the new assemblies.
    - The wiring harness on the driver side barely had enough length to plug into the slightly different bulb locations in the new assembly. I managed to manipulate the harness enough to get it installed though.

  • lasdoug 10/03/09 3:44 pm PST

    Thank you all for your responses into my 99 ENVOY Headlight problem. I'm thankful that
    there are car knowledgable people out there willing to help. I'm looking into the solutions
    that were brought to my attention on this forum and will have my mechanic tell me if he's comfortable doing this modification. I know it's going to be "over my head" trying to
    do this fix, but just wanted to say again, I really appreciate everyones suggestions, for
    without your help, I'd be driving around forever with my BRIGHT LIGHTS on.

  • s15jimmy 10/03/09 5:23 pm PST

    If you are going to switch to a 9006 bulb I would get the correct headlight for the bulb. You could fabricate an adapter to hold the 9006 bulb to the headligt but the optics would not be optimized. Having the correct headlight for the bulb would be your best bet for a conversiion. I purchased the dealer HID Ballast/Ignitor for the passenger side and once I got the ballast I was looking on ebay and this is the same ballast that is used on cadilacs and other vehicals that uses a standard D1S bulb that you can get on-line. I got a ballast for $60 and two D1S Bulb holders for $5 on EBAY. All I need is the cable which will cost about $25 per side. Once I mate up the bulb holders to the headlight all I ever have to do is buy the bulbs when needed. To mate the bulb holders to the headlight I cut the front of the orignal ignitor to have the mounting flange and to provide the correct placement of the bulb into the headlight. I will probaly pop rivet the bulb holder to this plate. I know it sounds like a lot of work but I like the HID headlights but do not like the GM prices for the replacement parts. My solution keeps the HID's but makes the cost of maintaining them very reasonable. Otherwise I would also convert to a 9006 halogen bulb.

  • jrae 12/03/12 6:20 pm PST

    I have the same exact problem (driver's side low beam), only my quote from the GM dealership was $1500; it's because the ignigtor (the box the bulb sits in) was only made for two years, and you apparently can't replace the ignigtor without replacing the ballast too. I don't care if I have regular Headlights or HIDs but I need to get this fixed fast before a trip downsouth. Thanks for the information everyone!!


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