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  • texases 03/23/11 12:35 pm PST

    Does anything electrical work? Could be a totally dead battery.

  • kcovell 03/23/11 12:43 pm PST

    Not dead battery, just tried to jump it. Battery had good power last night. The aftermarket radio & boost gauge turn on but no dash or computer signals, the inside lights work. Beginning to think it is a security code or something. Any fixes you know of?

  • texases 03/23/11 2:09 pm PST

    I don't know. You might post this on a Saab forum, a 9-3 owner there might have had the same problem.

  • patrick88 03/23/11 3:56 pm PST

    When you try to start it does it click or make any kind of noises?
    Headlights come on?
    First thing to check if you are sure the battery is good is the battery connectors and cables. Make sure they are tight, clean and there is no breaks in them. Especially ground cables. if the cables are loose, you may still get power but not enough to start, even with a jump.
    If those are good, check main fuses and fusible links.

  • kcovell 03/24/11 9:09 am PST

    No dead battery, had that checked. OK some more information here, when you turn the key to ON no lights on dash, no turn signal etc... From what I have found sounds like ignition switch, the electronic part not the mechanical part. Can anybody confirm?


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