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  • karjunkie 10/20/08 9:48 am PST

    I suspect a bad fusible link. If memory serves it is is in the positive battery cable running to the starter, but check the owner's manual to be sure. JGCs suffer from this problem. Using a standard 12 volt test light test each fusible link at the starter cable end for battery volatge and then look about 3 inches or so above the covering and you will see where these fusible links attach to covered wires. Test for battery voltage at each of the plastic covered wires and if you have battery volatge at the starter end of these links and you do not have battery voltage at the opposite end of these fusible links, replace the links. You can purchase at any auto parts store. just make sure that you replace them with the EXACT same SIZE and GAUGE of wire. The links usually have the gauge stamped on the rubber covering. If they do not, take them into the parts store and ask the counter person to help you select the correct one(s).


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