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  • karjunkie 04/05/10 11:04 am PST

    Pretty unusual situation since the level of gas in the tank should not have anything to do with the transmission light. It may just be coincidental that it is flashing on and off at those times. I suggest you check the fluid level and color of the tranny fluid as letting a problem with the transmission go unattended can become VERY expensive down the road. The fluid should be up to level with the engine running warm and in park position. If the fluid is dark or opaque, a transmission fluid and filter change is cheap insurance. DO NOT have the transmission flushed, just get a drain and filter change with the correct ATF+4 fluid. Most big transmission shops like AAMCO will do a free diagnostic for you if the light stays on. Once you have the codes, come back here and we'll try and help further on the best steps to take.


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