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  • toyota4x41 11/05/09 11:06 pm PST

    Are your cooling fans operating? Turning on your a/c will turn the fans on, if they work the a/c then they are ok. Have you checked for coolant leaks? Most likely failure on your vehicle is the coolant crossover pipe gaskets leaking. The crossover pipe is located on the drivers side of the engine. Either that or your water pump is bad, the water pump is located on the pass side of the engine, check the pulley bearing to see if it's bad. Hope this helps.

  • a1alpha 01/16/11 7:14 pm PST

    First be sure you are holding pressure in the surge tank.

    My surge tank was just slightly warped around the cap area and was loosing pressure slowly through the over flow. I found one online for $70.00 delivered Make sure you get a new cap when you change it. (2 nuts on top pull it up and disconnect the hoses) That's it. of course I flushed the radiator as well. (NOT so fun) It was plugged ( NO FLOW). This is my expirience. Service manual says to flush it at 150k anyways.


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