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  • zaken 11/22/13 10:57 pm PST

    What you describe indicates that the battery is now severely discharged. Sometimes when a battery becomes badly discharged; it will shunt power from the jumper cables when trying to jump start the vehicle. In this situation; it becomes necessary to disconnect the battery cables and charge the battery overnight with a 6 amp or larger battery charger

    The clicking relays may be cuased by the weak battery; or may indicate a short in the electrical system. Only after the battery has been charged overnight can it be determined whether there are further problems. Some Ford ignition switches have been known to develop internal shorts; which sometimes cause a fire; so be VERY CAREFUL when reconnecting a freshly charged battery to the cables. If you are at all uncomfortable doing this; have it done by a licensed, insured shop.

  • b2200 11/22/13 11:11 pm PST

    I personally experienced what can happen when you hook up a battery that was freshly charged. There were enough gases around or possibly within the battery and when I hooked up the cables, the slight spark created the ignition that blew up the battery. Ears were ringing for a while and had a bit of an acid bath.

    But, I do agree with Zaken, the first place to start is to charge the battery and perhaps have it tested. You want to make sure you are dealiing with a good battery as the start to any electrical diagnosis.

  • zaken 11/22/13 11:32 pm PST

    b2200; I once ran a compression test on an old Nissan, on which I was unable to easily disconnect the primary wires from the ignition coil; so I decided to cut a corner and left the plug wires dangling while I cranked the engine to check the compression. As you probably guessed, one of the wires produced a spark that caught some hydrogen gas from the old battery, and the battery exploded. Ruined my jacket, messed up some of the underhood paint on the vehicle. That was an expensive lesson; but at least I did not lose my eyesight (which they warn about on those labels which people do not read).

  • b2200 11/22/13 11:39 pm PST

    Zaken, a former coworker of mine had a starter that stayed engaged on a vehicle. His first instinct was to disconnect a battery cable. Battery blew.

    Apologies to the OP here for getting off topic, but It is good for people to be aware of the dangers that can happen.

  • Stever@Edmunds 11/23/13 11:07 am PST

    Those sound like good stories to post in A Mechanic's Life - Tales From Under the Hood over on the forums.

  • b2200 11/23/13 11:45 am PST

    Sounds good Steve. I noticed that section. Will have to venture over there sometimes.


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