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  • MrShift@Edmunds 04/15/08 2:18 pm PST

    Well we can't hear the noise and you have apparently had the chronic intake motor rattle addressed already, so it's just a matter of guessing.

    Any knocking sound that goes away with warm up suggests an internal problem like piston slap or a loose wrist pin, neither of which is necessarily fatal.

    An experienced mechanic should be able to further identify this noise for you.

  • cyd68 11/04/08 9:08 pm PST

    Typical problem, its just going to get worse. I have an '03 and its just been a thorn in my side. I suggest you get rid of this car as quickly as possible. Its a money pit, you will eventually have to replace the engine, the only problem is they don't make the engines for them anymore if you are lucky enough to get an engine its a "REBUILT" engine & its not covered under the original warranty & you will wait at least 10 months and pay about $7000 for parts & labor. There is a class action lawsuit you can contact Howard Gutman 19735981980. Do some research on the LR forums, you will be able to find out more info on the freelander and how many problems we have all had with this fine automobile. Ive had everything replaced, Id buy a new car if I hadn't ruined my credit, by putting all my money into this one!!!


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