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  • obyone 10/01/08 11:22 pm PST

    It could be that the controls are not working properly. Try disconnecting the battery for 15 minutes, reconnect and try the controls again. I had a similar problem and solved it with the battery disconnect.

  • favourauto 10/01/08 11:48 pm PST

    I have to disagree with obyone. I worked at a GM dealership & from experience NEVER disconnect the battery in hopes to repair a problem because it doesn't work. But more importantly, the computer saves information that the tech needs to properly diagnose your vehicle like what happen during the failure or what trouble code was set. Yes even if there is a problem with the A/C system the computer saves a code even though the check engine light didn't come on.
    Also disconnecting & reconnecting the battery terminals repeatedly is a good way to send a power surge though the electrical system, blowing fuses & frying control modules.


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