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  • patty_cakes85 02/15/08 1:12 pm PST

    Not quite sure why the dealer would recommend doing the timing belt this early. It's suggested to replace it at about 80k. Unless they pulled the timing cover for some reason and saw a leak behind the timing cover or cracks in the belt you should be fine. But once you get close to that 80k mark I'd make sure you get it done. A broken timing belt can cause big, ugly, expensive repairs.

  • bandit10 06/19/08 12:50 am PST

    It sounds kind of early to have your timing belt changed with 58,000 miles. Did the Dealer reccomend this repair because they saw another problem in that area. If not I would go onto Edmunds.com and check out their reccomened mileage change for the belt. Also I would call the parts department of another KIA dealer and ask them the reccomended mileage change. The parts guys are pretty sharp. It's only a phone call.


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