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  • karjunkie 09/17/09 2:57 pm PST

    Do you mean when you slow down to idle the engine cuts off or it cuts off the second you touch the brakes?

  • bige5 09/17/09 4:44 pm PST

    check the power brake boster.you can plug the vac. hose or use a set of flat channel lock to pinch the hose off.If the car does not stall out the diaphram in the boster is bad.caution do not drive the car like this it is only a test.

  • jmes_rod 09/17/09 5:38 pm PST

    every time you drive the truck.. did you feel that the brake pedal is hard to push and the brake is bad? bec. if your brake is like that its means you have a problem in your diapram...... you need to change it.. bec. its produce a air leak and the engine will stall... if not observe the gauge if the engine light was on..


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