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  • zaken1 06/01/10 9:40 pm PST

    It also could be caused by a worn out battery, or battery terminals that need a thorough cleaning and tightening. Try turning the headlights on, and then watching the brightness of the lights while you try to start the motor. If the lights go out or dim way down when you try to start; the problem is a weak or discharged battery, or battery terminals that need to be cleaned and tightened.

    If the lights stay bright while you try to start, then the starter relay or starter solenoid is probably bad. A bad ignition relay would not be as likely as the starter relay or solenoid; but it could be possible.

    If the battery tests good; you could test the starter motor by connecting a single jumper cable to the battery positive terminal and briefly touching the other end of that cable to the large terminal on the starter solenoid that is closest to the starter motor. The starter motor should run when you do that; but it probably will not engage with the flywheel; so do not leave the cable connected for more than a second. If the starter does not run in this test; then it is probably defective.

    If the starter runs in this test, try briefly touching the jumper cable to the blade terminal at the 3 o'clock position on the starter solenoid (after disconnecting the harness wire which normally connects to that terminal). Be careful to keep hands, clothing, and tools away from the fan and pulleys during this test; because the starter should run and turn the engine. If it does; this means that the starter and starter solenoid are both good; and either the ignition switch, the starter relay, or the ignition relay are bad.

    The starter relay and ignition relay each cost less than $10; so the easiest way to proceed if you get to this point would be to replace those two relays; one at a time. If you replace both relays and the car still does not start; make sure that you didn't forget to reconnect the harness wire to the starter solenoid. If that was not the problem; the ignition switch is probably defective.

  • melvinn 06/01/10 9:50 pm PST

    This may be a simple problem. Try a light but firm tap on the solenoid or starter, then try to start the engine. If it starts, then it may just be dust or dirt on the internal contacts inside the solenoid. Usually, you can dissassemble the solenoid and clean these parts but in most cases the solenoid is replaced. they are not very expensive but, as always, be aware of shady mechanics or service managers.

  • 2006_jeep_comm 11/22/10 5:18 pm PST

    Same thing here and dealer can not find the issue- Im currebtly leaving it there over night in the hopes the car dies and they can find the draw- Problem is...everytime I jump it and bring it to the dealer- the battery charges and draw can not be found- Don't jump it- battery is complelty dead- car dead- no draw can be found. So frustrating....and have no idea waht the issue is....same thing- I had clicking - changed the battery- now the car dies and I got nothing....have the car for 5 months - and I'm selling it after i fix this and cutting my loses.

  • greatbigred 04/06/14 4:06 pm PST

    The problem is in the wire harness, not the starter or battery. The harness that connects the battery(both terminals) the starter, and the alternator gets corroded at the starter solenoid and if you remove the fender liner of the left front tire and reach thru the hole behind the upper A-arm and above the frame, bending your hand towards the front of the vehicle, you can grab the harness and either push it or pull it and have someone try to start it, should fire right up. Chrysler won't admit there is a problem, even though hundreds have reported it on the jeep forums.

    You will notice that when pushing or pulling it the starter will cut in and out if cranking at the time. My girlfriend's 2007 Commander has had the starter replaced 4 times now for the same problem. The problem goes away for a bit because the wires have been moved and reconnected during the starter replacement. I hate that Chrysler's policy on bad quality is to ignore it and the problem will go away.


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