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  • texases 02/01/11 9:42 pm PST

    Me, I'd save up my money for a supercharger. The other stuff (cool air intake, loud exhaust, etc., make noise but little power. And don't waste money on a generic 'chip', most do nothing. I found 3800performance.com, I don't know anything about them, but they have lots of performance parts specifically for the 3800. I'm sure there are others, and I bet there are forums specific to it.

  • zaken1 02/02/11 12:16 am PST

    You also need to remember that any modifications which increase power will also put more stress on the engine and transmission. If you do an effective job of hopping up a 5 year old car with an automatic transmission, and then use that power frequently; the transmission is likely to fail sooner than it normally would. The engine may also go bad more quickly; depending on how much you increase the power, and what kind of care and maintenance the car has had. This game can become expensive very rapidly. If you have a limited budget, need the car for daily transportation, and cannot afford to risk unpleasant surprises; I recommend not getting into this. Expensive things are bound to break.

    As far as doing an effective job of increasing power; you need to know that any of the common means of hopping the motor up (bigger cams, compression increases, head work, higher flow intake and exhaust systems, spark advance and fuel delivery changes) will also change the emission levels enough that it will trip the check engine light and fail smog tests. And that will lead to the car becoming illegal to drive on the street (and also illlegal to re-sell). Can you afford to have this happen to your car???

    Texases was right; the cheap modifications like exhaust or intake will make noise; but will do little or nothing for performance.

    There is only one type of modification that will produce substantial power increases, will not make the car illegal, and does not cost a fortune. It is called nitrous oxide injection. Nitrous kits are available in many different power levels. The lower power kits do not require major retuning; but the more powerful kits must also have an ignition retard box and/or water injection added to prevent the engine from self destructing. The downside of nitrous is that it can only be used for a short time before the nitrous storage bottle needs to be refilled. That is inconvenient, and also costs bucks. And the high power kits will rapidly wear out an engine. But it is the easiest way to make a stock looking and stock sounding car be able to beat people.

    www.summitracing.com has all kinds of nitrous kits and equipment, at very fair prices. If you decide to go this route; I strongly recommend you first buy a few good books on nitrous injection; and read them carefully. And be sure to retune the fuel and ignition systems to match the amount of nitrous that is added.

  • danmermelstein 03/22/11 5:33 pm PST

    You can find it at Vivid Racing - http://www.vividracing.com

  • mitch501 05/03/12 11:15 pm PST

    I'm in the same boat as you. I have the same car and motor. I went on Ebay and for 70 bucks and free shipping got a K&N intake and chrome piping for the car. It says it gains 12 horse but really its maybe about 10 at peak. Thats a cheap way to give you a little power, boost fuel economy and it makes it sounds like you got a V8 under the hood. As far as supercharging your car, that my friend is not cheap or easy. You have to do a "top swap" on the motor. And for only adding 60 hp i don't think it is worth the risk, time or money. Its hard to do things to these kind of cars with not putting in alot of cash. I'm going to use mine to get through college and then get a mustang. My advice is to just save up and get a real sports car and mod that to your liking. Oh and NOS can be expensive as well and you will be going through tanks of it if you want full power all the time.

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