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  • gchevy2006 06/22/11 11:06 am PST

    just posted a similar question about my 2006 silverado, but mine come in and out. if my chime is working when i put the key in ignition then my radio sound will work. if no chime then the radio will work but at a vary high pitch tweeter sound. waiting on an answer as well if you want to keep up with my post maybe it will help you.

  • jonjensen2 12/03/11 1:24 am PST

    In the Chevrolet Silverado trucks, the driver's side main door speaker (not the tweeter) is the speaker that is used by the radio to create the audible chime sound for any warnings, such as key in ignition, headlights on, seat belt, etc. This chime is built into a small module in the radio, which communicates with the body control module via a Class II data circuit. It is not an uncommon thing to have speakers go out in a Chevrolet Silverado, and this would most likely explain your concerns. This is a weak point in the entertainment system for General Motors and is experienced throughout their lineup. I have first hand knowledge of this issue from my years of being a technician for General Motors. Hopefully this gives you a good starting point (and hopefully the answer) to your questions. Best of luck!


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