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  • canddmeyer 10/25/08 5:49 am PST

    The starter wouldn't cause the vehicle to die while driving. The coil, ignition control module, fuel pump, distributor, coil wire, fuel filter, or ignition switch may be suspect. The fuel filter, coil, and ignition module you can try to replace yourself, but if that doesn't fix it then I'd suggest the services of a mechanic. It might be something else, but I've listed the most likely culprits.

  • tek1010 10/26/08 1:28 am PST

    HI, If the starter spins but will not crank over the engine,even if the pinion comes out/ You have a bad bendix. The solenoid is what pushes the gear out. The motor spins the gear. The bendix is the racket inside the gear that keeps the engine from over spinning the starter when it starts. This is a seperate problem then why is stalled unless the fuseable links that attach to the starter were some how damaged. Let me know how you do. tek1010@carspace.com


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