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  • rearwheeldrive 09/14/11 4:27 pm PST

    I own a 93 V6 Camry over 200K miles. Never had a no start. Been working on it now for the last 7years or so, and did a couple years as a Toyota tech in the late 90's on these cars.

    But in any no start I like to hook up a battery charger to help spin the engine and keep the battery charged while cranking . This helps keep the battery charged between cranking. I don't usually crank the engine over for more than 4-5 seconds . If it don't start by them I look for problems. The charger keeps the battery charged between starts and while the doors open, and the interior light stays on.

    I use a cheap 2 amp charger, this takes longer to charge a low battery but is better for a battery. In this case its only keeping it charged up, not so much charging the battery for a slow start.

    Second check you can do this quickly without any tools. Pull the plug wire off the spark plug and place your philips screwdriver in the place of the plug and hold it to about an 1/8 inch from a ground, it should spark over to ground. I do this at night to better see the blue spark. I like to rest it against a good metal ground. Somewhere near a ground strap. You'll see them going to the fender from the engine. The alternator is another good place to rest the screwdriver.

    If you have spark, your engine could be having a different problem like induction leaks or a fuel pressure problem. Not electrical.

  • rearwheeldrive 09/14/11 4:51 pm PST

    Code 12 is either oxygen sensor, or airflow at the MAF mass air flow sensor. I'm leaning to Ox sensor.

    For this year car, the codes back then were all generic code failures and any smog place should know this standard number. I don't have my computer from home with me to check real quick. Now the cars today have more than the standard 10-15 codes back then for basic monitoring of the engine emissions.

  • rearwheeldrive 09/16/11 12:53 am PST

    Correction on code 12

    With a no start, code 12 make sense as no ignition voltage to the car computer. Go figure.

    I had a Infinity 1990 V8 and I believe code 12 was normal, nothing wrong , all moniting sensor working.

    Today I got a chiltons manual from the library, so I coud get some info on my emission sensors, and the test for them. There is where I found a whole bunch of info on codes. They puplish the codes in chapter 6..

    I got the V6 3vz engine. 5s is the four cylinder engine.

    Sorry for jumping the gun on this one,


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