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  • roketa150 04/05/08 6:29 pm PST

    I suggest you go to your local gm dealer and ask them

  • 0patience 04/06/08 5:13 pm PST

    The reason you can't locate the starter is because in their infinite wisdom in designing this engine, they must have thought it funny to hide it under the intake. Brilliant, huh?
    I strongly suggest having a reputable shop doing the repairs.

    Here is the replacment procedure to give you an idea.

    Disconnect battery ground cable, then the positive battery cable.
    Remove intake manifold.
    Disconnect electrical connectors from starter solenoid "S and battery terminals.
    Remove starter mounting bolts, then the starter.
    Reverse procedure to install, noting the following:
    Torque inner nuts on the solenoid terminals to 70 inch lbs.
    Torque "S" terminal nut to 20 inch lbs.
    Torque battery terminal nut to 70 inch lbs.
    Torque starter mounting bolts to 22 ft. lbs.


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