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  • tony78 05/16/09 9:54 am PST

    Trying to follow the progression.

    Within 30 minites " it " happend again. What is " it " and when did " it " happen before ?

    Why are you jumping the battery,,if the battery is new ?

    And how does jumping the battery help ?,

    How long have you been jumping the battery ?

    Do the volts go down to nothing when you first turn the key and try and start the van ?,,,

    ,Or do the volts go down to nothing because you have tried to start the the van over and over and the van will not start ?

    If you brought it to a guy that does electrical work and he couldn't find anything,,

    Maybe its time to bring it to the chevy dealer or a shop that repairs chevy vans in your area to see if they can't find any thing.

    When the van does start,,how is the vans performance,,idle,,acceleration,,fuel mileage ?

  • tpm71 05/16/09 10:34 am PST

    "it" is the fact that the car wont start when it wants. if i turn the key to accessories the volts go up, if it starts they go to 14. if it doesnt then they drop to 0. i brought to a chevy dealer, they said the problem happened to them 5 days after they had the van. tech said the problem was a dead spot in the starter. he wanted too much to do the job so i brought to my local guy who i have been to before. he replaced the starter and after having it for 30 mins, the problem happened again. im going to bring the old starter to autozone so they can test it. if it comes up good ill be getting back in touch with the chevy tech. i do need to check on the head gasket, so i was told. the engine does start a little sluggish for 1 min, the its fine. 84,000 miles on the van. dont know what else to do.

  • onali 09/10/09 11:56 am PST

    Hi i have the same problem the starter is fine they say maybe the ignition is faulty.please advise me if you get to fixing the problem,also is chaging the gasket expensive.

  • richietric 07/31/13 6:29 pm PST

    i also have a 2000 express and does the same thing replaced everything and it still does it any help out there


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