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  • zaken1 03/03/09 1:15 am PST

    There are many different parts which could cause this problem. They include the camshaft position sensor, crankshaft position sensor, ignition module, ignition coils, plug wires, and anti theft relay. You could easily spend hundreds of dollars buying unneeded parts; if you did not first test these items to find out what really is the problem.

    The camshaft and crankshaft position sensors are the two most likely causes, and they are also cheap enough to just buy on a gamble. The anti theft relay is the third most likely cause, and it is also cheap. Due to the relatively low price of these parts; it may be most practical to just buy and install them one by one. However, if these parts do not cure the problem, the remaining parts become progressively more expensive. So, at that point, I would stop buying parts and start testing them instead.

    For that purpose, I suggest you find someone who knows or can find out where these parts are located, and either has the knowledge and equipment to test them; or can remove them and take them to an auto parts store that offers free testing of at least some of those parts. A service manual for this car would also be very useful; to find out where these parts are located, and how to test them.

    Of course, all that I have written is based on the assumption that you really mean that no electrical spark is getting to the spark plugs. If you are using the phrase "not getting a spark" loosely, and really mean that the engine won't start, there are about 150 other possible causes, including the entire fuel delivery system, and the engine mechanical integrity. So I hope you really meant that there is no spark to the plugs.


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