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  • absservice 04/17/09 12:36 am PST

    hi, base on what you is trying to explain to us i want to belive the signal from the horn switch is grounding the relay this means the relay is working because the clicking noise you is herd is the relay you need to backprobe the wire that connect to the horn that is located at the back of the front grill using a volt meter DC volts with you probe connected when the horn is request to work vertify if the is voltage at the horn wire.i think the colour of the wire is a green with red tracer if the is appox 12v when you command the horn on at the terminal of the horn connected and there is no sound now i am thinking the horn is all mounted and secout on the location at that point if we got volts and the gouunt is good the horn may be faulty thank you rovi.at ABS


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