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  • tallman1 03/01/08 6:48 pm PST

    It sounds like they've opened a case with Subaru, at least regionally. Maybe you need to talk to the regional or national folks and not just settle on what the dealer is offering. Give them a chance to make it good. Your owner's documentation should tell you the steps to follow.

    Good luck!

  • djenson 03/02/08 10:59 am PST

    I am dealing with Subaru Service not just the dealer ship. It was when the dealer saw two new cars on the lot with the same problem and that my new covers that they had just replaced already fraying, they said it was now a Subaru problem and that I need to contact them. Have been dealing with Subaru by phone and email and have a concern number of 1051258.
    Since the Field Service Manager looked at my car 2 weeks ago, dealer said they made the offer of the free 30,000 mile service worth $800? I sent another email to Subaru asking how this helps my problem? They haven't written back or contacted me yet...Very fustrating!

  • tallman1 03/02/08 3:06 pm PST

    I'd stick with the regional Subaru people. I'd want to hear their offer from them, not the dealer. I also agree with you about wanting to solve the problem, not just settle for something else.

    I'm sure there are other steps to follow if the regional folks don't satisfy you.

  • djenson 03/02/08 4:08 pm PST

    Well we'll see my emailing Subaru this and the comments do any good?


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