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  • tallman1 03/01/08 6:48 pm PST

    It sounds like they've opened a case with Subaru, at least regionally. Maybe you need to talk to the regional or national folks and not just settle on what the dealer is offering. Give them a chance to make it good. Your owner's documentation should tell you the steps to follow.

    Good luck!

  • djenson 03/02/08 10:59 am PST

    I am dealing with Subaru Service not just the dealer ship. It was when the dealer saw two new cars on the lot with the same problem and that my new covers that they had just replaced already fraying, they said it was now a Subaru problem and that I need to contact them. Have been dealing with Subaru by phone and email and have a concern number of 1051258.
    Since the Field Service Manager looked at my car 2 weeks ago, dealer said they made the offer of the free 30,000 mile service worth $800? I sent another email to Subaru asking how this helps my problem? They haven't written back or contacted me yet...Very fustrating!

  • tallman1 03/02/08 3:06 pm PST

    I'd stick with the regional Subaru people. I'd want to hear their offer from them, not the dealer. I also agree with you about wanting to solve the problem, not just settle for something else.

    I'm sure there are other steps to follow if the regional folks don't satisfy you.

  • djenson 03/02/08 4:08 pm PST

    Well we'll see my emailing Subaru this and the comments do any good?

  • lr424ct 07/30/14 9:07 pm PST

    Same problem here in CT. Here is our experience...
    We recently purchased a 2014 Subaru Forrester from Premiere Subaru, Branford CT. No less than 8 months & 9K miles passed when our drivers side seat fabric started to wear out/off. We contacted the dealer and explained our situation. They (the mechanic) immediately blamed us to which I replied I just wear pants/jeans with no type of belts or "accessories". After a few strong words on my part they said it wasn't covered by the warranty but they would replace it just one time. After replacement, we overheard our mecanic again accusing us of casuing the damage telling the service manager, and I quote, "...I don't know if he [meaning my husband] is just a plain BUTTHEAD!". Now we have a car with defective fabric and a dealership whose service leaves MUCH to be desired.

    After replacement, we got the car back home and upon closer inspection, and with having only gotten in and out of the car twice, noticed the fabric was starting to fray AGAIN. We spoke to the dealership owner and was told by him that our "expectations" for the car seat fabric did not refelct the expectation of most Subaru customers. REALLY? I do think most expect the upolstery in their brand new vehicle will wear well and last. He stated that they would not replace the fabric again. His "wonderful customer appreciation /service" kicked in and he told us that we could either pay additional to have leather put in or buy a new 2015 Forrester for an additonal 5K. Paying extra to correct an obvious problem was not an option for us nor was reinvesting with this dealership.

    This fabric was defective (a lemon) and neither the owner Bob Alivne or Subaru would stand behind their product and make it right. Plus, nobody but nobody should have to put up with being insulted by an employee. We don't think it is an unrealistic expectation to have a $28K vehicle not show so much wear & tear after only 8 months and only 9000 miles.
    Maybe not for others but for us it was a tremendous of money to spend. We were counting on keeping it for at least 10 years. We just wanted what we paid for and what Subaru "touts" in all their commercials; duarbility & ruggedness of the brand. With all the vehicles we have owned past and present we have never experienced a failure of this type. We own a 1997 Geo Prism and a 2003 Ford Focus and after getting in and out hundreds and thousands of times, neither our 17 year old or 11 year old vehicle exhibits any type of noticeable wear in the fabric upolstery.

    We knew we would be facing months, if not years, of battles with this car, so we quickly made the decision to trade it in while the car was still in good condition following the seat cover replacement, was still "newer" and with low mileage. The deal was done today and our new car sits in the garage. We are just happy to have this over with!

  • Stever@Edmunds 07/31/14 8:25 am PST

    Please take a few minutes and write a Consumer Review about your Forester.

    You can also write a Dealer Review here as well if you like.

    Good luck with the new ride!



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