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  • camtech 12/09/09 11:31 pm PST

    are both inlet and outlet to the heater core hot?

  • cmp23 12/10/09 1:00 am PST

    i have not yet checked the inlet and outlet

  • tony78 12/10/09 1:01 am PST

    Camtech is correct.

    Both the inlet and the outlet hoses should be hot, all of the time, with a fully warmed up engine.
    Hot coolant is always circulating thru the heater core.

    When you change position of the heat / cold mode switch, the blend door will allow air to either flow over the heater core or air will bypass the heater core and flow over the a/c condensor core, if your car is eqquiped with a/c.

    Some cars that are not equipped will allow the air ( outside or recirculated) to bypass the heater core, when the blend door has changed position.

    If both hoses are hot, then the problem will be with the blend door, blend door acutator motor, heater mode control panel, vacuum lines, wires, connectors.

  • cmp23 12/10/09 1:02 am PST

    i will do this in the morning.it is 5 below outside right now

  • cmp23 12/10/09 1:07 am PST

    thank you so much i will get to it in the morning. when the heater dial is in the no 1 position it hardly blows . when i turn to position 4 it takes about 30 to 45 seconds to kjck into high. i will check the inlet and outlet in morning. thank you for information.

  • scanman1 01/22/11 4:33 pm PST

    flush the heater core with fresh water then add a little air pressure to power flush it, then leave the return of so you can purge the air from heater core while vechicle is running. Back flushing works best, do not flush it back into engine, remove both hoses.


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