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  • MrShift@Edmunds 08/08/11 11:15 am PST

    Okay, first off, how to check it:


    1. With transmission at operating temperature, park vehicle on level surface.
    2. Operate engine at idle speed with parking brake applied and move selector lever through each detent position. Return selector lever to Park.
    3. With engine idling, remove dipstick and check fluid level. Fluid level should be between arrows on dipstick.
    4. Add fluid as necessary to bring fluid to proper level. Use only fluid meeting Ford Qualification No. M2C-138-CJ, Dexron II or Mercon. MERCON(R) automatic Transmission Fluid is being replaced by MERCON(R) V as a service fluid, as per TSB 06-14-4

    I think you have athe AOD transmission, which means no drain plug---, so you have to drop the pan. Anyway, I think, given that you have some slippage issues , that you should invest in a fluid change and filter change at a repair shop. This way, you know you have the right fluid, in the right amount, and a clean filter, and then you'll know if you have actual transmission issues or not.

    There are aftermarket suppliers on the Internet who can sell you a transmission pan with a drain plug.


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