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  • zaken1 02/28/10 2:26 am PST

    Before putting more work and money into this issue; it would be important to sort out whether this is a fuel problem or an electrical problem. The first thing I would do is to replace the fuel filter. If this doesn't fix it; disconnect the fuel line at the engine, run the fuel line into a catch can; turn the key on to the point where the dash lights come on, and see whether a stream of fuel is pumped out of the hose into the can. If there is no fuel flow, and you do not get power to the fuel pump; the fuel pump fuse, fuel pump relay, or fuel cutoff relay may be defective, so I would then replace the fuse or one or both of those relays. If that doesn't fix it; I would then replace the fuel pump wiring harness (this is a known problem on this model). And if that still doesn't fix it, I would replace the fuel pump. I'm posting a link to a photo of the fuel pump relay below.

    But if you do get a strong stream of fuel from the fuel line; I would first check to see if there is a strong spark at the plugs when the starter cranks (by attaching a plug wire to a clean spark plug, and clamping the threaded part of the plug against the metal of the engine). Try this on several different plug wires. If you don't get a steady stream of sparks from each plug wire; I would check to see whether you get full battery voltage at the battery terminal of the distributor cap. If the voltage at the cap is more than 0.5 volts below the battery voltage while the engine is cranking, you may have a bad ignition switch or a bad neutral safety switch. If the distributor is getting full battery voltage while cranking, I would replace the distributor cap and rotor; and install a new set of spark plugs at the same time. I would also test the resistance of the plug wires (should be less than 1,000 ohms for each inch of wire length) or just replace the plug wires.

    If you get strong sparks at the plugs; I would then get a solenoid test light; and test for voltage pulses at the injector while the engine cranks. The 350 and 454 engines in 1989 both had throttle body injection, so there is only one injector on that motor. It usually is not necessary to rewire the injector; but the wiring connector at the injector can become loose or corroded.

    Source: http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinf

  • trippykins 02/28/10 7:59 pm PST

    I have checked my fuel pump, its pushing gas out of the pipe at the carborator but there is no gas coming out of the injectors. I checked to see if im getting any electrical power to the injectors and im not getting any. I also had no electrical power to the starter wire. I replaced it with the push button and now the starter is turning over but the gas is still not getting to the injectors.

  • zaken1 03/01/10 3:54 am PST

    If your problem is that no fuel is being injected; the engine should start briefly if you first pour some gas into the throttle body. But if pouring gas does not make it at least fire briefly; then there is an electrical problem. The fact that there was no power to the starter wire concerns me; because there should also be power to the computer during cranking. It may be that whatever cut the power to the starter wire also cut the power to the computer. There also may be a blown fuse for the fuel injection computer. If your check engine light comes on briefly when the key is first turned on; then the computer is getting power. But if the check engine light does not come on at all, then power is not getting to the computer. There should not be power to the injector unless the engine is cranking; or the accelerator pedal is being pushed down. Sometimes a fuse block develops an open circuit in the supply wire to the high side bus of the fuses; this will cut off power to some systems; even though the fuses may be good. So, if you can locate the fuse for the ECM, try both testing the fuse, and testing for voltage at one of the contacts where the fuse plugs in. 

  • trippykins 03/03/10 8:13 am PST

    Where is the ECM and what does it look like? Im not familur with ECMs at all. Thanks

  • zaken1 03/03/10 12:30 pm PST

    The ECM (which is an abbreviation for Engine Control Module) is another name for the computer. It is usually located underneath a front seat or under the dashboard. But the fuse for the ECM is in one of the fuse blocks; so you don't need to find the ECM to check the fuse. I'm posting a link to a photo of the ECM below.

    Source: http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinf

  • huckleberrie 07/31/14 1:13 am PST

    first things first check to see if u have spark going to number 1 spark plug. if you don't have spark going to the number 1 spark plug your timing will be off and you won't be getting any fuel to the injectors, so now you will have to set your timing.



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