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  • MrShift@Edmunds 11/01/08 6:57 pm PST

    Huh. So this isn't in your owner's manual?

  • m2bord 11/01/08 7:45 pm PST


    Nope...it says your truck may have some features associated with the phone button function. Please contact your authorized Ford dealer for more information.

    And that is it. So I went back to the dealer (I know it's Saturday) and I asked the sales guy who had no idea what it meant/did and he asked his Sales Manager who also professed to have no idea.

    So I'm just reaching out to see if there's someone else out there that may know what this button does, if anything. I've tried synching it with my bluetooth phone with no results. It does not mute the radio when I push it. I have Googled and finally thought I'd ask in here.


  • smitty35 11/03/08 7:51 pm PST

    does your nav system include the new SYNC feature and is your phone SYNC compatible? my older ford has that button but it is audio mute to answer phone.

  • m2bord 11/05/08 9:35 pm PST

    Hi and thanks but no. There is no Sync message. I called the Ford Customer Service line and asked them and they said that unless my truck has Bluetooth, that button probably does nothing but I need to check with my Authorized Ford Dealer to be sure.

  • macford 11/07/08 2:19 pm PST

    I work as a car salesman at a Ford dealership. The phone button on the steering wheel I believe is what you are referring to? If it is, the button is to answer and hang up phone calls when your phone is paired via Sync. If your vehicle does NOT have the sync feature, then this button is useless to you. Ford has a few non-functioning buttons on certain models because it is easier to to keep the same setup across the board, then to change everything per model. I apologize if your dealership that you purchased from was not able to provide you with any specific information. If you have any further questions I will do my best to help you answer them.


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