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  • Stever@Edmunds 10/03/12 10:14 pm PST

    I think your truck is new enough that the dealer could cut a key just from the VIN. Did the dealer tell you they'd need the truck there?

    If they can do it from the VIN, you'll likely have to show proof of ownership; license and registration, etc.

  • ray80 10/04/12 9:15 am PST

    I'd agree with Steve's answer, they should be able to do it from the VIN. In additional if they are nice they could print off instructions you can use to program it to accept the new key (the security thing I believe is on your vehilce). Of course while your at it a second key may be good idea :) .


  • morin2 10/05/12 3:45 pm PST

    Agree with the VIN to get more keys. In addition, the original keys often come with a small metal rectangular tag on the keyring and the key number is on that metal tag.


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