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  • morin2 01/23/10 10:02 pm PST

    The Sienna is a very good minivan - but there's no guaranty that any component on a used vehicle of any make will last any number of miles. Your best bet is to have any used car checked thoroughly by your mechanic before you begin negotiations. There are lots of consumer reviews of this and other models at the used car section here at Edmunds and you can get some idea of what other people have experienced. Toyotas always command top dollar as used vehicles. You may get a much better deal or value on something that has a lower TMV. A 2003 Mazda MPV for example is about 3000 less in TMV than a Sienna. My wife loved her MPV and would probably still have it if a speeding stolen car hadn't smashed it. Its more important to find a well-maintained and carefully driven Sienna or MPV than to focus only on the label.

  • isellhondas 01/24/10 2:32 pm PST

    I'm not sure how you can buy a 2003 Sienna for only 7000.00??

    I would be VERY cautious if one is being sold for that amount.

    Siennas are very good cars but you'll want to make very sure it's been well taken care of. V-6 Toyota engines require strict oil changes. If this happens, they will last 200,000 miles and more. These are prone to engine sludge if the previous owner skimped on oil changes.

    Transmissions are fine.


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