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  • fordfan_17 07/11/08 1:37 pm PST

    the biggest thing you should worry about is making sure you go back with the same tire size thats on the vehicle .....if you change tire sizes you will have to take ur van to the dealership and have the pcm recalibrated to the tire size you changed out to. otherwise transmission problems could arise such as early /late shift and or trans failure

    im not a tire expert but i am a transmission rebuilder and i see problems all the time here in colorado due to tire size and vehicle programming

  • goblue1279 07/11/08 3:04 pm PST

    My father runs a tire store and I work in car sales and the best dollar for dollar tire I have found is a Hankook

  • mz6greyghost 07/13/08 9:23 am PST

    Check out Tirerack.com. They allow you to enter your make and model vehicle, show you the correct sizes, and offer many different models, which you can compare by their test and survey results. Based on some quick research, I discovered that many current Odyssey owners, as well as Tirerack testing, approve of the Yoko TRZs. The Generals tested well in Tirerack tests as well. I've trusted Tirerack's suggestion for years, and have bought at least a half-dozen tire sets from them, all with excellent results. Personally, I'd lean toward the Yokos, as I've had good luck with the brand in the past.

    Source: http://www.tirerack.com

  • jipster 07/15/08 5:49 pm PST

    I replaced the OEM tires on my Mazda MPV in October (17"tires). I narrowed it down to the Yoko Avid TRZ and the Goodyear Tripletred. Went with the Tripletred as I think it a slightly better tire all around. Plus, Goodyear was having a special cash back incentive, which made them as cheap as the Yokohamas. Very happy with the Tripletred... they eat the rain up and spit it out. Traction is excellent. Proably a tad bit louder than the Avid TRZ from what I've read. About $640 for everything including lifetime balance and rotation... no roadhazzard though.

    Another good tire, that is less expensive, is the BF Goodrich T/A.Very good in rain... so so in snow.

  • mamastaxi 07/16/08 10:00 am PST

    Thanks for the recommendations. I almost went with the Yoko TRZ but the tire dealer just took back a pair at 17,000 miles that got eaten up by a 2006 Odyssey. They were cupping on the edges and very loud. Dealer felt that with the Honda suspension and tire pattern we could expect the same problem. They were very happy with the Yoko TRZ on many other makes and models of cars but basically said not every tire is for every car. On their expertise, we decided to go with the Cooper CS4 and give it a try. Also has 80,000 mile warranty and they have had very good luck with this tire. Total bill is $50 less which is always good. We'll see what happens, thanks for the advice.

  • 3fan4evr 07/18/08 2:52 pm PST

    I too like a wet & snow performing tire over a quiet & comfy ride. For my '03 Ody I rplcd OEM (Mich Symetry) @ 38K mi. w/ Yoko TRZs. After ~20K mi traction (wet & snow) decreased noticeably. After 35-40K mi awful traction but still have good tread - barely made it thru this past winter and afraid in the rain. After 46K mi inside edge of all 4 tires gone and side wall is checkered first 1.5 inches off the bead. None of this was noticed at last roatation (Discount Tire) 6Kmi earlier and no other sign of problems (no cupping, no rasied/feathered edges, no sign of under or over inflation, etc.). Had alignment checked - toe 'slightly' off on one front wheel, but shop would be surprised if this was the cause of all 4 tires going bad on inside edge. No more TRZs for me. Got a prorated credit from Discount Tire and I'm looking at General Altimax RT (great price with rebate/gift card to boot!) and Goodyear Triple Tread (TireRack - higly rated). Triple Treads a load rating (97) below what is recomended (98). No survey results on the Altimax RT's makes me nervous. Decisions, decsions?

  • adam2519 09/09/10 12:57 am PST

    I replaced OEM tires with Hankook Optimo's. The tires were great in the rain and snow but with only 33000 mi. I need to replace them before the snow flies this winter. The tires have enough tread to make it through another summer but definitly not a winter. So much for a 100,000 mi tire.

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