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  • MrShift@Edmunds 06/06/10 5:11 pm PST

    I think you just buy the entire door handle mechanism---there's no repairing it or buying the swivel part separately. If that's too expensive, you might try for a used one through Car Part.

    To replace the handle mechanism, you'll have to remove your door panel:

    1. Remove the door handle bezel.(carefully pry it out with a flat blade)
    2. Remove the window regulator handle, as necessary.
    3. Disconnect the power accessory switch mounting panel wiring connector, as necessary.
    4. Remove the trim panel upper extension.

    1. Using a flatblade tool, carefully pry off the trim panel armrest screw cover in order to access the screw.
    2. Remove the trim panel armrest screw.
    3. Using the J 38778 (a tool to remove the snaps that hold the panel to the door), carefully pry the retainer from the retainer seats.
    4. Disconnect the courtesy light connector, if necessary.
    5. Remove the trim panel from the door.


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