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  • zaken1 04/15/11 3:34 am PST

    Three of the codes indicate possible computer malfunctions: P1000= readiness test not complete. P1603= EEPROM malfunction. P1316= misfire rate exceeds emissions.

    The remaining two codes could also be computer related: P1647= linear O2 sensor control chip Bank 2. P1796= CAN controller circuit (bus off).

    From these codes; it sounds to me like the computer in this vehicle may have been replaced, and the replacement unit was either modified, or was not programmed, or was damaged or improperly programmed at installation.

    From this perspective; I would not attempt to address the individual codes until the computer has been tested and evaluated by a qualified shop. Most shops will not have the data or experience to do this properly.

    If you are in or near California, I would recommend going to or at least contacting Monterey Motors (http://www.montereymotors.com/Services.
    ). They may be able to recommend competent service facilities in other parts of the US; or they might be able to check your computer, if you removed and shipped it to them.

    The regional or national Jaguar customer service office might also be able to connect you with a computer savvy service facility; but I would tend to prefer the above reference for a cost effective solution.

  • 0patience 04/15/11 8:05 pm PST

    P1000, ignore. You just haven't completed the readiness test function. It will eventually turn to a P1111 code, which you can also ignore.

    P1316, should also have P0300 through P0306 codes with it. If it doesn't, then it may not be an active code.
    So, it would seem that some inactive codes are still showing.
    Looking at the codes, I'd suspect that the only active code is the P1647 open circuit to the LH HO2S sensor and possibly the P1316, which could be from a bad signal from the HO2S sensor.
    Have you cleared the codes, road tested and rechecked for codes?
    If not, you should start there. That will give an accurate picture of what is going on.
    Where there any other symptoms besides the check engine light on?
    How is the vehicle running and shifting?
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