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  • gkrampe 08/28/09 10:58 am PST

    I just bought the same 2006 GMC Envoy SLT last week, and am experiencing the same problem. Everything was fine for the first 5 days, now I get the whining noise through the sound system. When I turn the radio down, there's no noise. When I turn it up just 1 small click, I hear a whining through the speakers and also a simliar sound originating from the fuse box (?) under the rear driver-side seat. Maybe something to do with the powered/amplified speakers is housed in the same area? Or maybe I'm just hearing the rear speakers whining.

    Did you find any solution to the problem? Thanks.

  • gkrampe 08/28/09 4:40 pm PST

    I checked closer, and it's the rear door speakers, not the fuse box area making the noise. Anyway, it's really loud and annoying. Any fixes out there? thanks

  • jmg82984 08/28/09 4:58 pm PST

    Generally any interference such as a whine through the stereo in a car, or a hum is from a bad connection. Generally more niticeable in externally amplified stereos. If your stereo has an external amplifier then make sure the ground wires have a nice solid connection. Also make sure all the grounds for the battery and headlights are nice clean and tight. If you have done all that and it is still there then it is from a poor power feed which is a semi common problem with gm verhicles. That can be solved by running your own power wire from the battery directly to the power on the back of the radio.


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