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  • karjunkie 06/11/09 9:14 am PST

    E100 is pure ethanol. Most fles fuel vehicles are limited to E85 and are marked on the fuel cap as such. The use of ethanol blends in conventional gasoline vehicles is restricted to low mixtures, as ethanol is corrosive and can degrade some of the materials in the engine and fuel system. Also the engine has to be adjusted for a higher compression ratio as compared to a pure gasoline engine, in order to take advantage of ethanol’s higher oxygen content, thus allowing an improvement in fuel efficiency and a reduction of tailpipe emissions. E100 vehicles actually require a special gasoline injector for cold starts. I strongly doubt you can use either E85 or E100 unless your owner's manual specifically states you can. I would not trust any affirmative response on this question unless it is confirmed by your Toyota dealer.

  • 210delray 06/11/09 9:43 am PST

    No, you cannot use any gasoline containing more than 10% ethanol (E10) in the Prius, as is the case for all new Toyota cars, as far as I know. Just use the recommended regular 87 octane gas containing no more than 10% ethanol.


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