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  • texases 02/14/13 3:21 pm PST

    I don't think so, the car is worth what it's worth. But make sure you get documented maintenance records, some folks who lease are not very good at maintaining their vehicles.

  • isellhondas 02/14/13 5:44 pm PST

    The chances of getting maintence records are slim to none.

    People used to proudly hand me thick files of maintence records and repair bills. I would either tell them to keep them or I would shread them.

    Privacy laws don't allow dealers to hand over the records of a previous owner.

    If I were the buyer I wouldn't be concerned if the car checked out well.

    That dealer didn't "reclaim" the car. He either bought it for it's residual or he bought it at the auction. In order to do that, he had to be thi high bidder and on popular cars that are nice stores often pay top dollar.


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