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  • MrShift@Edmunds 02/24/08 4:10 pm PST

    We need more info. What year truck, engine and drivetrain.

    Also do you want to know where the fuses are or the relays are?

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  • tmaybee 02/24/08 5:21 pm PST

    it's a 2000 Chevy silverado v8 5.3 liter. I have changed all the fuses in the electrical center that said anything about fuel, fuel pump, and fuel control. No change. Is there a fuse near the fuel pump that I am overlooking?

  • qbrozen 02/25/08 11:02 am PST

    well, this might be a long shot and doesn't really explain your stuck fuel gauge, but have you checked the fuel filter? It could be you sucked crud from the bottom of the tank when you ran it out of gas.

    Another possibility is that the fuel pump is shot. I'm not sure this applies to your car, but fuel pumps can be cooled by the fuel passing through. So running it out of gas means it burned up the pump.

  • tmaybee 02/25/08 1:12 pm PST

    Is there a special trick to removing the fuel filter? Will there be a lot of gas leaking out. I know it's located under the drivers side of the cab.

  • familyman5746 02/25/08 2:11 pm PST

    Most likely the fuel pump is shot.

    My brother uses these trucks and his guys are always running out of gas, and invariably he has to replace the fuel pump. I've gone through 2 in my 97 Yukon.

    Don't run them out of gas, or you're looking at a $200 part. I was quoted $550 to have it done. Did it myself, but wished I'd had it done instead.

  • familyman5746 02/25/08 2:37 pm PST

    You'll only lose what is in the fuel line when the pressure is let off, once the fuel filter is taken out.

  • ceroy14 02/25/08 10:43 pm PST

    also check your fuel pump emergency shut off switch i do not know where it is on that truck


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