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  • lonc1943 02/24/08 11:34 am PST

    Turn the ignition switch on and off several times this will allow the fuel pump to pick up. lonc1943

  • sethh 07/28/09 10:21 pm PST

    To get your engine running again you need to bleed the fuel lines. To do this you need a 19mm end wrench and someone to crank the engine. First crack open all six fuel lines at the injector, then while someone cranks the engine tighten each line as soon as fuel starts to squirt out around the injector fitting. Be careful not to over tighten the lines or to crank the engine too long or you'll burn up the starter. It sometimes takes several times when you run it completely empty.

  • 104wb 08/05/09 4:28 pm PST

    I have a 1998.5 5.9L Cummins Turbo Diesel manual shift. You can get fuel up to the high-pressure pump easily. That will still leave air in the lines between the high-pressure pump and the injectors. To fill the fuel filter and get fuel to the VP44 high pressure pump, you can 'bump' the ignition like you do after a fuel filter change. This means start to crank, but let go of the key after about one second. The low pressure pump will continue to run for about 20 seconds. Do this several times, maybe four or five. If you remove your fuel filter cap and fill it with fresh diesel, it will take fewer bumps. Then, crank to start. It might not start the first couple of attempts because of the air between the pump and injectors, and it might run rough for a minute after it does start.


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