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  • mastertech19 04/24/09 1:07 pm PST

    the EBCM is a dealer only part u dont want to use a used one because they need to be programmed by a dealer with the use of there scann tool. Is it the ABS light and the brake light that is on and does the pump run all the time or only comming to a slow stop? If so u more than likely need new wheel bearing assemblies in the front get the code checked to see what codes u have and let me know hope this helps

  • flem1 04/25/09 10:22 pm PST

    Little late for an answer to this post but hopefully someone else will use this info. This is something you can do yourself safely and save a lot of money. You can remove the module causing the problem and have it rebuilt for about $150. Then re-install it and problem solved. modulemaster.com will answer all your questions and provide instructions. Of course the dealer says only they can provide the part and replace it....they want your money to the tune of a couple thousand dollars! I'm so glad I researched it on the internet and found this low cost do it yourself solution. good luck.

    Source: modulemaster.com


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