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  • 86custmdelux 01/12/14 10:32 am PST

    I have had the same problem and apparently i like to troubleshoot theee expensive way! I replaced the actuator $100 and nothing so i got a switch from the junkyard same thing going on goes into four low and nothing in four high. so i replaced the transfercase motor with a remf one $140. same results nothing at this point im quite pissed and most assured that i have to replace the transfer case. I look online and find out that ther's a transfer case control module under the dash so i pull that and price it ( what the !@#$%)$200 plus $200 core charge. didnt want to pay for that so I call my mechanic uncle which has a couple of trucks around and he says I can go pull the modulator out and oh while your at it take the switch to cause if the lights are blinking its probly the switch. so I drive out there in 50 mile an hour winds and pull the parts took like three min... get back home put the new switch in with the old modulator and bam problem fixed. so for all of you who choose to look this up online I hope you make it to this page your welcome.


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