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  • josephrsales 08/16/11 5:09 pm PST

    The Problem you are going to have Is finding the right buyer. The car's value and 'worth' are kind of different. You would probably get the most out of it at an auction if you put a reserve on it, but unless you find someone that is specifically looking for that one vehicel then you are not going to get very much for it... obviously your not going to bring it to a dealership unless you want to be offended. Look on ebay for similar vehicals or find niche auctions.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 08/16/11 10:21 pm PST

    As a rough ballpark, you can try www.nadaguides.com and click on "classics". Keep in mind that HIGH retail value would mean a car in impeccable condition. If your car has some little dents, or rusty wheels, or tears in the upholstery or a dirty engine, it's not going to bring High Retail by a long shot.

    The other advice posted here by joseph is good advice---just put it on eBay with lots of photos and place a very high reserve (secret) price---one that would be impossible to meet, or a price that you'd be happy to sell the car for. Don't reveal this reserve price to anyone who asks---let the auction play out and once it fails (because reserve wasn't met) you at least know two things: 1) you have a list of people interested in the car and 2) you know what much of America is willing to pay for it. The more details and photos, the more accurate your "appraisal" on eBay will be.

  • texases 08/17/11 10:25 am PST

    One additional source of actual sales price info on a car like this is to go to Ebaymotors, search for cars similar to your, and check on 'completed items' to see what the top bids were.

    If you'll give us more info, we could give you a rough, ballpark value.


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