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  • zaken1 01/12/12 11:45 pm PST

    YOU MUST BE VERY LUCKY! This motor is an interference type engine; which means that if the timing belt breaks, it will cause major engine damage. This belt usually does not last more than 105,000 miles. So it should be changed immediately.

    There are two belts that should be changed; one is the timing belt; and the other turns the balancer shaft. Each one has a bearing, tensioner and spring. The belts, bearings, springs and tensioners should all be changed. Here's a description of the most complete and highest quality kit for this motor (from www.rockauto.com);

    AISIN Part # TKH006 INCLUDES WATER PUMP; AISIN Water Pump, KOYO Tensioner Bearing, NSK Balance Shaft Tensioner Bearing, Mitsuboshi Timing Belt, Mitsuboshi Balance Shaft Belt, Honda Geniune Tensioner Spring, Honda Genuine Balance Shaft Tensioner Spring


    A timing cover gasket set is the other part that should be replaced. It costs $25.79 from Rock Auto.

    These parts will cost substantially more if the shop buys them locally. But many shops will not install parts you bring in; because of potential delays if something has to be returned. (and to maintain their profit margin).

    Since labor rates vary considerably in different parts of the country, and even between shops in the same town; the best way to estimate the cost is to phone several local shops and ask them how much time is quoted for this job in the flat rate time estimate book. You should receive vitrually the same time estimate from several shops. Then find out what the hourly labor rate is for each shop you are considering. Multiply the time estimate by the shop's hourly labor rate, to get the labor charge for the job. Then ask them for a parts cost estimate, and add that figure to the labor charge. This should give you the total cost of the work.


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