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  • EUROTECH 12/07/08 11:36 pm PST

    we are usually using 1/2 " havy duty impact gun, using heat is another ption, but it is not recommended. check for special tool to block crank pulley and use rachet and extention bar to breake bolt loose.
    Good luck

  • bandit10 12/08/08 12:41 am PST

    EUROTECH is right. Avoid any heat. Use the proper tools designed for this application. Or have an ASE mechanic do it for you. If this is your first experience with this problem and type car, you could do serious damage. You might want to check out www.edmunds.com or www.autozone.com for the proper procedure and tools. I like Autone's site because it's user friendly and easy to navigate thru. They offer diagrams, and pictures of the application process. Good luck, and post your results and method, so others can learn from your experience. We all benefit.

    Source: 1988 Honda Civic 1.5 Litre

  • rearwheeldrive 12/09/08 1:54 am PST

    I like this forum because I can add y pictures.

    Here is the 16 steps to get your pulley off.

    If you want you can remove the pulley bolt by putting a socket on the bolt with a 1/2 inch drive breaker bar attached. Then lay the breaker bar across the frame or steering linkage so it can't turn anymore in the clockwise direction.

    Then go in the car and bump the key turning the engine over. It should break the bolt loose.
    If the pulley turns clockwise put the bar on the 3:00 o'clock side . the pulley will turn clockwise pushing against the bar which is forced against the frame clockwise until it stops. this then forces the bolt to turn the opposite direction, counter-clockwise.

    Then you can borrow a puller like this from Autozone to pull the pulley off. This kit does not have the correct size bolts nor will the Autozone kit. I have some old Toyota's laying around here and found some 2 inch bolts from them. You put them thru the two slotted wings on the puller. I found two that were attached to some other parts on the front of those engines. Maybe your A/C mount bolts will work. Something about 10mm bolt size but 8mm thread size.

    Sometimes these kit have bolts that will thread in,and then get tight. That is the wrong size, dont force it. Get a Toyota car bolt, somewhere on your Toyota. Something about 2 inches long or longer Good Luck

    If the engine turns counterclockwise you cant do the above break loose procedure.

  • billy49 03/17/10 1:33 am PST

    yes its reversed treaded and you need to use a long ratchet togive you leverage and give it a good hit to loosen the bolt just put some presure on the ratchet then with a mini maw or a heavy hammer hit on the handle till you feel it loosen up then use a puller to take off balencer.


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