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  • Stever@Edmunds 03/14/09 12:25 am PST

    Heh, I toured Newfoundland in 1999 in a minivan. Cruising around that wonderful spot of heaven in a Miata would be a real hoot. They are reliable, but you may have trouble finding a good specimen that "cheap."

  • petrolmom 03/18/09 6:46 pm PST

    The Toyota MR2 or Subaru SVX would be the fastest ones. The SVX being All wheel drive has more traction than the other cars, it also has a lot of power, and the 1992-93 versions had a top speed of 182 mph or 153 mph for the later versions. The Subaru also has a limited slip differential, but it's only available with a 4 speed automatic. The MR2 is mid engined and if you can find a second generation turbo version with 200hp, they're very fast. The MR2 is a solid, reliable car that happens to handle very well and be fast. The MX-5 is fun and reliable, but they aren't very fast. The CR-X is quick and fun, but it's front wheel drive and doesn't have a lot of power. I think you should get the MR2, because even if you can't afford or find a turbo version, it's the fastest one of these with a manual transmission. The E30 BMW 325i is another fast, fun, and fairly inexpensive car.


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