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  • 0patience 01/26/08 12:58 am PST

    Good for you.
    It is nice to see young folks who are interested in getting into one of the most thankless fields known to man.

    First thing, I would suggest you go to college and get a good education in something. Anything. Mechanical engineering is a good one. The reason I say this is because when you find out how bad it can get, you will have something to fall back onto.

    Ok, now that I have said this, prepare to spend a lot of money on tools. Talk to a lot of mechanics in your area, get to know them.
    Ask them for advice, show them you are interested. Keep your options open.

    In a lot of areas, they have apprenticeship programs, check into them and see what is available in your area. Talk to construction or heavy truck companies and see if they need mechanic helpers.

    Most places don't care about the work you have done as projects, just your knowledge. Oil change places won't gain you any favors with shops, so concentrate on the shops who can gain you advancement.

    Then there is trade schools like these;

    They are the leading tech schools in the US.

  • simpilot1 01/26/08 3:08 am PST

    I'd suggest that you investigate evening or weekend classes at community colleges or high schools in your neck of the woods. Some may have classes that require only a few hours per week and are rather inexpensive. They will also have contact with shops in the area and may be able to help you find a job.

  • tlcruz 01/26/08 8:57 am PST

    Well, I'm not a mechanic but my boyfriend is. He started working at a local gas station at 15 and from there, He took classes at tech school his junior & senior year at high school at a local community college. Also, He worked at a Pontiac dealership his senior year to gain some experience. It may not be the best job but you'll learn alot, from what I'm told. He went to college at Ohio Technical College in Cleveland. I know they've got tons of programs and he went to school from September 2005 to March 2007. There's lots of options for you. :)

  • luishonda 05/11/11 2:10 pm PST

    i am kind of in the same boat. also 16 and have no knowledge on cars. less then you matter a fact. next year im takeing a technical school class for auto collision i think. for Junior and senior year. thats next year tho, im a softmoer. i also want a project car and looking for one. i just turned 16 and getting my permit this week. hopefully pass it and buy a 90-95 Honda or acura... feels good to not be the only one in my position. i think for now it would be good to learn parts of cars and how they work. Mabe theres a site? where i can study things? (even bettter, be around a machanic to teach you stuff and show you hands on a car one is working on)


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