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  • nolefan3 03/28/08 1:26 am PST

    It is transferrable. here is the 2007 warrantee pdf. it hasent changed because when i sold my hyundai (remember hyundai and kia are the same company and offer the same "americas best warrantee")that was a 2004. the terms clearly state that the powertrain is the only warrantee that is not transferrable, this warrantee only goes into effect after the 5yr 60k mileage is up. the bumper to bumper warrantee is still in effect. pay specific attention to pages 3-5
    the powertrain can be transferred however - my buyer worked something out with hyundai im not sure how much or what the terms were.

    Source: http://www.kia.com/07warranty.pdf

  • ksdriver1 03/28/08 1:38 am PST

    I found that link as well, but didn't read it since mine is a 2006, not 2007. I actually traded in a Hyundai and when the dealer (CarMax) told me Kia wouldn't transfer the warranty, the first thing I did was look it up in my Hyundai warranty book, knowing they are the same. I'm guessing I need to contact the local dealership to find out for sure what the story is and how to get my hands on the original factory warranty. Thanks!


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