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  • autoexpert4u 01/27/09 12:22 pm PST

    I have contacted the service departments many times to have them run a report for the vehicle based off it's VIN number when I do appraisal's. The report will show all the options on the subject vehicle as well as the service history. If you use the dealer for your service they will be the best option since you have a relationship with them.

    I have also had members of different forums (car forums for a specific model) that work for the manufacture's also get this info for me.

  • ray80 01/27/09 12:51 pm PST

    There should be a sevice parts ID label somewhere in truck (many times in glovebox door) with a bunch of 3 digit (or maybe more) letter/numbers. You can do a search on google for gm rpo codes and decipher what the codes mean as far as options.


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