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  • texases 06/23/10 11:18 pm PST

    Are you talking about a new one? No real advantage there, pretty much same versions we get, but you can use their foreign delivery program to pick up your US-spec. car in Germany, drive it for a while there, then they ship it over.

    Older ones bring up lots of issues with the EPA and safety regulations. You would need to find a shop to 'federalize' it, those used to be fairly common, no longer. Please be more specific about what you want.

  • knowledgepower 06/25/10 11:59 am PST

    This situation is a bit confusing, are you buying it from a dealer overseas from a military outlet? If so they do it all for you and you only need to get marine insurance. Please specify the situation, I shipped a Saab from overseas through the military and just wondering.


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